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Litt Thompson and his family live in Richmond, Virginia and have deep roots that date back to the late 1700’s. Litt’s dad, Wardy Thompson is still living at the age of 95 and both of his parents celebrated 71 years of being married last year. The Thompson family currently spreads across four generations consisting of over 25 family members who mostly reside in Virginia.

Litt is founder and owner of Washington DC South which is an 1100-acre Sustainable Smart City project south of Washington DC. While spending the last 18 years assembling the 1100-acre land mass, Litt has also worked very closely with the State of Virginia and the County to create the vision and entitlement that is now positioned to become a World Class Sustainable Smart City unlike anything else. Litt and his team have been working with several National and International Master Developers who know the project well and are positioned to fully execute Washington DC South.

Prior to getting into Real Estate development, Litt has always had a passion for business and investments. For the last 35 years, Litt has bought/started, run, and sold businesses across many different industries including telecommunications, television production, retail, service and manufacturing. Litt was also a founding board member of a bank startup which was later successfully sold, and currently sits on the boards of Virginians for High Speed Rail, Veritas School, and the YMCA to name a few.

Litt graduated from the School of Business Administration at the University of Richmond in 1979 and has been married to Kath for 37 years. Kath and Litt and have three sons, Gavin, Parker and Litt Jr. Litt is active in his church, is currently writing a book called “Time Out,” and has a passion for helping others find their path and potential in life.

Litt Thompson

Founder/Managing Partner

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