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Jonson Sun is the founder and president of GIC Merchant Bank Corp, a merchant banking firm based in Toronto, Canada that has domain expertise investing in private companies which often involves a consolidation strategy. GIC services include providing start-up and growth companies business strategy advice and capital market consulting. The company has successfully incubated and seeded companies across multiple sectors that include e-commerce, staffing, and healthcare technology. GIC has also brought a number of their investment companies public. Along with building a strong Merchant Banking business, Jonson has also led a team expanding into the international trade business.

Jonson Sun had also orchestrated the joint venture between GIC Merchant Bank Corp with Ilium Capital and Gravitas Financial under GIC Partners, a banking group headquartered in Toronto that has businesses in Canada, Israel, and China. GIC Partners is a comprehensive financial services platform that has subsidiaries covering broker dealer activities, asset management, direct investment and wealth management.

Jonson also sits on the board of Bay Talent Group, Emerge Ecommerce, Pishon Innovation Lab and Focus Point Education and is also active with philanthropic and faith based organizations around the world. He has led the development of a global platform of strategic relationships and partnerships across North America, Asia and South Africa. Jonson Sun is based in Toronto, Canada and has a Bachelor of Science from Toronto University a received a Bachelor of Science.

Jonson Sun

Strategic Advisor

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